Some Frshly Food for Thought…

The food market in India is going through an interesting phase. Consumers are constantly seeking more variety in the options at their disposal. Along with variety, they want great taste, quality, affordability, and convenience. Service providers on their part are trying to figure out the best ways and means to marry these factors to win over customers.

In this climate, FRSHLY enters the market like a breath of fresh air. Frshly functions as an automated retail market place. It is a 10*8 feet smart kiosk where customers can go through the menu on the digital panels and pick their item(s). The payment is done through cards or Paytm. Once selected the Frshly packaged food gets heated in a microwave and arrives at the dispensing slot to be picked. The time between making the payment and picking up the tray is less than 90 seconds. During the entirety of this process, the customer interacts completely with the electronic setup.

These are some of the key highlights of the experience:

  1. The consumer has an option to choose from multiple items from a bunch of prominent restaurants; the digital panels get updated in real-time based on the availability of the items. So there is no chance of an item being ordered and it subsequently running out of stock
  2. The packing is compact and smart; it’s a slotted sealed tray made of good quality plastic; the seal comes off easy and there was a spillage
  3. The meal is filling and is presumably targeted at someone with a moderate-to-good appetite   img_20170211_132706191
  4. Each of the packs comes with a unique QR (Quick Response) code; this is used to keep track of the packs and ensure that the food that is past its prime is grounded and does not get in touch with the consumer; ergo, there is no question of food-gone-bad being served
  5. Customers pay the same price that they would pay for the item at the restaurant

Currently, Frshly Is present in 16 locations across India, prominent amongst them are the Chennai Airport and the Bengaluru Central Station. The setup too is fairly compact and if a better location is available, it can be easily moved in less than a day’s time.

I think the biggest plus point of FRSHLY, from a consumer’s point of view, is that it offers quality food options at places where one might be hard-pressed to find them. A railway station is a good example of such a place.  The product and idea are gaining ground. This in turn would see Frshly partner with more vendors, as the latter are constantly on the lookout for new ways to widen their footprint.

That in a nutshell is how Frshly keeps its fresh, simple and tasty!