My Top 10 Books of 2015

I had managed to read 22 books in 2015. Here are my top 10:
10. Hunger by Knut Hamsen/ Rosie Project by Simsion
9. Life after Life by Atkinson
8. Lolita by Nabokov
7. Journey under the Midnight Sun by Higashino
6. The Inevitable by Ashay Abbhi
5. Three Evangelists by Fred Vargas
4. Dove’s Lament by Kirthi Jayakumar
3. Gardens of the Dead by William Brodrick
2. Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut
1. Best of Saki by Saki


Review: Journey Under the Midnight Sun by Keigo Higashino

This is the fourth book of the author I have read. While I do rank his earlier works above this book (Devotion of Suspect X > Salvation of a Saint > Malice > Journey Under the Midnight Sun), I enjoyed reading Journey Under the Midnight Sun. This is a mystery that spans over 20 years and traces the journey of the protagonists and some recurring characters. It keeps you hooked as the puzzle grows in complexity. The language is, as always, simple; the writing to the point.
While it does seem like a door-stopper at 544 pages, it is fast-paced and is a quick read, just like how a good thriller should be.